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Keys to a Successful Retirement

Our main goal:

Slate River Financial is here to help people.

We want to help people keep their money for retirement safe. We don’t want you to end up losing that money due to the unpredictable nature of the stock market. Slate River Financial puts helping people and families before anything else.

Our three core principles are:
Safety First

The most important thing is protecting your money.


You should gain a reasonable rate of return.**

Keep It Simple

There should be as little confusion as possible in your retirement strategy.

Protecting Your Savings

Many retirees are afraid of the possibility of running out of money. How can you be certain you’ll have enough to last? Well, there are products you can purchase that give you options to protect your money, but still earn a reasonable rate of return.** One of the most important parts when planning for a successful retirement is protecting your assets from loss. This is one of the topics we cover in our educational retirement workshops. We want you to have the knowledge required to feel confident in the security of your money for retirement. In addition to our educational events, we offer one-on-one meetings. Meet with us so we can help answer your retirement questions. We can review your situation and discuss your different choices.

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Please Join Us

Educational Dinners

Slate River Financial offers educational events, both in-person and in the form of online webinars. At these events, you’ll enjoy a complimentary meal, while we review important information in regards to retirement strategies. Money protection, risk tolerance, strategies for leaving a legacy without probate involvement, and more. Our educational dinners tend to fill quickly, so be sure to reserve a seat as soon as possible. We’re based in Oklahoma, and often hold educational dinners in cities including:

We also offer online webinars, which allow you to gain this information from the comfort of your home.

You have various choices when it comes to keeping your money for retirement safe. For example, we offer insurance products that are available through several insurance companies. Each company has its own product benefits and options. Each of these companies has a rating indicating how solid is business is. At Slate River Financial, we only work with top-rated companies.

Why Slate River Financial?

Why choose us over other financial professionals?

For starters, we always put people first. We place ourselves in the shoes of our clients, examine their unique financial situation to determine what we think the best strategy is. We also make sure to keep things simple and easy to understand. It’s very important to us that you understand your options and are able to make an informed decision. You have a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a financial professional to work with. If you want someone who could help you form a strategy you understand and feel confident in, reach out to us.

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Safety First

You may not have minded your money for retirement being at risk during your working years. But now that you're in or nearing retirement, things have likely changed. The older we get, the less risk we can handle. If your money is invested in the market, and there's a significant drop during your retirement, you may not be able to recover. We offer products that keep your retirement savings more secure. Safety comes before anything else, and then potential interest. No matter what stage you're in, whether you're nearing or already in retirement, the safety of your principal is our main priority.

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Gaining a Reasonable Rate of Return**

You don't have to choose between keeping your money safe and earning additional money. Earning a reasonable rate of return** is possible with the right strategy. Many annuity or life insurance policies now allow you to earn a reasonable rate of return** while keeping protection of principal. A good way to determine what you think is a reasonable rate of return is to example your risk tolerance. How much of your money are you willing to risk losing? How much do you need to keep safe?

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Keeping it Simple

Finances can seem very complex. But they don't have to be. A more complicated strategy is not necessarily a better strategy, in fact, it's often not. Retirees shouldn't struggle to understand how to protect their money. You deserve a strategy that you feel confident in. We can guide you through everything so you fully understand it.

Finding the Right Strategy For Your Future

Each client’s individual situation is different. There are a lot of factors that affect your finances. This is why we take the time to get to know each person we work with. We want to understand your goals and needs, and help you make a strategy that’s suited to you.

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